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Promoting and Enhancing Reuse of Information throughout the Content Lifecycle taking account of Evolving Semantics

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"Preservation and access to born-digital culture" Brussels, 30 - 31 October 2015

In late October 2015 in Brussels, iMAL and PACKED organised a symposium to discuss with over 100 international experts central challenges regarding “Preservation and Access to Born-Digital Culture”.   Anna Henry (Digital Preservation Manager) and John Langdon (Archive Curator) from Tate gave a presentation that summarised Tate’s approach to Digital Preservation as well...

Back from Budapest

The surprisingly high number of European conferences and symposia in the past four months addressing the challenges related to long-term preservation and access to time-based artworks and media, contradicts the disappearance of digital preservation research from the European funding programmes. Within the arts and heritage community, however, it seems that the challenges of LTDP have become more pressing now that works generated in...

Toward the integration of emulation and virtualization strategies into the conservation of software-based art collections

Part of PERICLES core mission is finding ways to manage the challenges posed by the changing technical environments of complex digital content. For software-based artworks, obsolescence of the original technical platform and the resulting need to migrate the work to a new one, can result in inaccurate performance of the work, or at worst, render it completely inaccessible. Emulation and virtualization techniques offer potential...

A workshop on the use of Mediainfo, MediaConch and FFmpeg in the preservation of digital video

During late July 2016, Dave Rice and Ashley Blewer delivered two workshops at Tate Britain in London on the use of Mediainfo, MediaConch and FFmpeg in the preservation of digital video. These two workshops are a good example of the type of impact projects such as PERICLES can have and the resulting motivation they can engender, in this case leading on from the collaboration between Dave Rice and the PERICLES Project on...

PERICLES Concept Detection and SALIC

In this blog post we introduce PERICLES Concept Detection (PeriCoDe) , a proof of concept prototype which facilitates image retrieval from large repositories by using the SALIC (Social Active Learning for Image Classification) approach to automatically train concept detectors without requiring significant annotation efforts. This prototype has been developed by the Multimedia Knowledge and Social Media Analytics Laboratory (MKLab)...


PERICLES Technical Appraisal tool

This is an introduction to the PERICLES Technical Appraisal Tool, which was developed by Simon Waddington and Jun Zhang from King's College London with input from other project partners. The tool has been developed within PERICLES, a four-year Integrated Project (2013-2017) funded by the European Union under its Seventh Framework Programme (ICT Call 9). The PERICLES Technical Appraisal tool will be available by 31 March 2017 under...


Content Semantics and Use Context Analysis Techniques

This document summarises the work conducted within task T4.3 of WP4, focusing on the extraction and the subsequent analysis of semantic information from digital content, which is imperative for its preservability. More specifically, the deliverable defines content semantic information from a visual and textual perspective, explains how this information can be exploited in long-term digital preservation and proposes novel approaches...

Second Evaluation Report

This document is the second of three reports which reflect PERICLES commitment to evaluating its research and development activities and results. It presents the applied evaluation methodology and the rationale behind the selected approach.


An exploration of significance and dependency in the conservation of software-based artworks - AIC 2015

This presentation was delivered by Pip Laurenson at AIC's 43rd Annual Meeting , which took place in Miami, FL on 13-16 May 2015.

Digital Preservation through a Model-driven Approach and Ecosystem Modelling - DIACHRON final event 2016

This presentation was delivered by Stratos Kontopoulos from project partner CERTH during the final event of EU-funded project DIACHRON, which took place on 24 March 2016 in Athens, Greece.

EU FP7 PERICLES Project - PASIG 2016

This presentation was delivered by Simon Waddington from project partner King's College London at the 2016 digital preservation event run by PASIG (Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group) in Prague, Czech Republic on 9-11 March.

PERICLES – Digital Preservation through Management of Change in Evolving Ecosystems - EPS book

This paper is based on work of the EU FP7 PERICLES project on digital preservation, and presents some general concepts including the modelling of digital ecosystems, in which abstract representations are used to assess risks to sustainability and support tasks such as appraisal. The paper also offers a description of selected research areas investigated by the project. The paper has been published in the EPS book “The Success of...

Interdisciplinary Discussions about the Conservation of Software-Based Art

This report summarises the outcomes and examines some key questions from the discussions hosted by Tate for the Community of Practice group on Software-based Art Conservation Challenges. The idea for this series of meetings arose from the realisation that managing technical change in software-based art is not only a common concern for practitioners working in the field but also of interest to the research community. A group of...

The Lives of Digital Things: A Community of Practice Dialogue

This report summarises the key topics and take-home messages from the discussions hosted by Tate for the Community of Practice group on the Lives of Digital Things. The report was compiled from four virtual conversations the primary aim of which was to explore the different ways in which the ‘Lives of digital things’ are thought about through different digital preservation practices and contexts.


MAPS, Budapest 7-8 December 2015

MAPS is the Media Arts and Preservation symposium organised by the Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest.  The two day event focuses on media conservation and is aimed at professionals faced with the challenges of ensuring long-term sustainability of media artworks. PERICLES partner King's College London has been invited to present at the event.