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Promoting and Enhancing Reuse of Information throughout the Content Lifecycle taking account of Evolving Semantics

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First version of dissemination plan

This document is the first iteration of a dissemination plan which will subsequently be updated on a yearly basis. It describes the rationale of the dissemination of project information, the objectives to be communicated, the strategies to pursue the dissemination of these objectives, the target groups, planned activities and the related timeline for February 2014 to January 2015. It also gives a summary of what has been...

Report on Training Needs

This document aims to present the results of the assessment of training needs and modes of training undertaken in the partner organisations TATE and B.USOC and related organisations. A study of training activities in other digital preservation related EU commissioned projects was also undertaken with the dual aim of learning from their experience and finding projects with which collaboration in training might be possible. A...

Content Semantics and Use Context Analysis Techniques

This document summarises the work conducted within task T4.3 of WP4, focusing on the extraction and the subsequent analysis of semantic information from digital content, which is imperative for its preservability. More specifically, the deliverable defines content semantic information from a visual and textual perspective, explains how this information can be exploited in long-term digital preservation and proposes novel approaches...

Reiteration of Technology Transfer Plan

This deliverable constitutes an update to our initial exploitation plan (D9.1 submitted in M18), describing our shift in focus from the initial “exploitation approach” to what we now more appropriately term a “Technology Transfer” solution. The latter reflects our endeavour to facilitate sustainability of all key project outputs and ideas regardless of their potential for purely commercial exploitation.

Second Evaluation Report

This document is the second of three reports which reflect PERICLES commitment to evaluating its research and development activities and results. It presents the applied evaluation methodology and the rationale behind the selected approach.

Final Evaluation Report

This deliverable will become available in M50

Language for change management

In this deliverable we expose the main principles of ReAL (Resource Action Language), a language designed to address the need for systems to react to the stimuli received from continually evolving environments hence supporting change management in long-term digital preservation.

Full report on Digital Ecosystem Management

This deliverable describes the results from task 3.5 on two main topics: the functional architecture and the Digital Ecosystem Model.

Context-aware content interpretation

This deliverable summarises the work conducted within task T4.5 of WP4, presenting PERICLES proposed approaches for contextualised content interpretation, aimed at gaining insightful contextualised views on content semantics

Complete tool suite for Ecosystem Management and Appraisal Processes

This document provides primarily a summary of the tools and approaches developed in support of digital ecosystem management (WP5), as well as reference to tools, models and approaches developed elsewhere in the project, including the project’s functional architecture described in the deliverable D3.5 Full Report on Digital Ecosystem Management.

Design practices and operational sustainability for data preservation systems

This document introduces the motivation for digital ecosystem management, illustrated with specific use cases, the problems and difficulties to deal with, and possible strategies. It also provides an insight into automation of preservation management. 

Final version of Test Bed Implementation

This deliverable describes the final version of the PERICLES experimental Testbed for model-driven preservation.

Training material

This deliverable accompanies the training material produced by the project, which is available online at . Please note some modules are still works in progress and will be completed by the end of 2016.

Report on training activities

This deliverable will be available in M50

Initial version of project website

The initial version of the project website was made available in M2:

Report on dissemination activities

This deliverable will be available in M50

Report on technology transfer activities

This deliverable will become available on M50.