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Taking a long-term perspective - Maintaining digital assets by managing their evolving digital ecosystems on 17/11/2016

As digital content and its related metadata are generated and used across different phases of the information lifecycle, and in a continually evolving digital environment, the concept of a fixed and stable ‘final’ version that needs to be preserved becomes less appropriate. As well as dealing with technological change and obsolescence, long-term sustainability requires us to address changes in context. Such a changing environment necessitates a corresponding evolution of the strategies and approaches for preservation if stakeholder communities are to be able to continue to use and interpret content appropriately in the long-term.

As change is an inevitable challenge in long-term digital preservation (LTDP), the question is how do we deal with it? In this article written for PrestoCentre, PERICLES presents its compelling approach to the communities engaged in managing and preserving their digital asset.

In this article, PERICLES covers the following subjects:
•    The Challenge of Change
•    Digital Data and their Ecosystems
•    Model-driven Solution
•    Integration Framework and Testbeds
•    From Testbed to Reality

Download the article here:

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