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SemaDrift: A Protégé Plugin for Measuring Semantic Drift in Ontologies - Drift-a-LOD workshop on 11/01/2017

This paper was presented by Efstratios Kontopoulos from PERICLES project partner CERTH/IT at the DRIFT-a-LOD workshop (Detection, Representation and Management of Concept Drift in Linked Open Data), which took place in Bologna (Italy) on 20 November 2016.

This full-day workshop aimed at bringing together different communities that define, identify and manage the dynamics of concepts in their knowledge bases using various domain-specific methods (statistical inference, symbolic reasoning, natural language processing, etc.) leveraging Linked Data as a data source or as a result publishing platforms. The paper presents the SemaDrift framework of tools and methods for measuring semantic drift across ontologies versions. Released under Apache V2 License, this proposed framework is available for download from

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