Pericles project
Promoting and Enhancing Reuse of Information throughout the Content Lifecycle taking account of Evolving Semantics


Community of Practice

The Communities of Practice (CoPs) within this project are explicitly cultivated by drawing together experts into a specific group and asked to focus on a specific issue. This framing of the CoP engaged in focused dialogue on relevant research issues will ensure more useful and valuable outcomes, are reached with the CoPs acting as a sounding board and inspiration both for the project and the peers alike. Each CoP is composed of invited expert practitioners who are ideally placed to engage dynamically and actively on topics fundamental to issues and challenges in digital preservation. The principle behind these Communities of Practice is that they function as coordination points for promoting the findings of the project, for seeking input and feedback, and for extending collaborations to other communities.

Each CoP will take part in a series of online discussions to reflect on a specific challenge which is relevant to their field of practice or research. They might also be engaged in a range of activities such as workshops and liaison with external organisations, of relevance to the area it addresses.

The outcomes of these CoP groups will be multifaceted:

  • A concise report highlighting the conclusions of the discussions.
  • At least one co-authored publication which may take the form of a website article, position paper, or submitted journal paper.
  • A blog.
  • Participation in a webinar or another open discussion.

Overview of established CoP:

Lives of digital things

This CoP discussions will bring together different practitioners from science, art, archive and records management to compare high level conceptual framework in which the 'life' of objects are conceived within these different contexts.

For a report on the outcome of the CoP see:

The Lives of Digital Things: A Community of Practice Dialogue

CoP related to software-based art conservation challenges

This CoP unites an international network of researchers, time-based media and software conservators, digital repository managers and a curator. The group has regular discussions to test, share and evaluate knowledge regarding the management of technical change in software-based art.

For the report on the outcome of the CoP see:

Interdisciplinary Discussions about the Conservation of Software-Based Art

CoP related to reuse of science data

This CoP focuses on issues related to the re-use of data in the science domain and brings together scientists, researchers and project managers from leading institutions in Europe to discuss barriers, developmentsand examples of data management strategies for long-term access.

For a report on the outcome of the CoP see:

An overview on the reuse of data in the science domain

CoP related to evolving semantics

This CoP brings together a group of researchers and academics in the areas of science, linguistics and semantic web to collect a series of perspectives on the theory of evolving semantics and cultural change and their relevance for the practical field.

For the report on the outcome see: 

An overview of Semantic Change: Understanding the Phenomenon, Current Trends and Future Research Roadmap


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