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IDCC 2017 - Edinburgh 20-23 February 2017

Edinburgh, UK

The 12th International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC17) brings together digital curation professionals and educators with data producers and consumers to consider digital curation in a multi-disciplinary context. There will be a programme of workshops on Monday 20 February and Thursday 23 February and the main conference will run from Tuesday 21 to Wednesday 22 February 2017.

During IDCC17 PERICLES will offer a free half-day workshop aiming at introducing the technical appraisal tool developed by project partner King's College London in support of managing change and related risks (WP5 Tools for the preservation management of ecosystems and processes). This workshop will demonstrate how automated support for appraisal could enhance and complement the human decision-making process and contribute to long-term preservation, dealing with the challenge of continuous change. Registration is now open:

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PERICLES Workshop IDCC17 programme