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PASIG, 9-11 March 2016, - Early bird special until end of January

Czech National Library of Technology in Prague

This event is run by PASIG (Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group) and is a great opportunity for organizations setting up preservation repositories to collaborate and work directly with leaders in the field. PASIG is a highly collaborative and interactive forum and generally attracts a large contingent of new participants.

To view the agenda and register, go to

The PASIG is focused on

 1) addressing practical preservation questions,

2) hearing about best practices and new technologies from global experts,

3) investigating the convergence of on-premise architectures and the Cloud,

4) how to set up, initiate, and audit the metrics of a preservation project,

5) key global project updates, 

6) solution provider and end customer collaboration.

On day 3 Simon Waddington from PERICLES project partner King's College London will update participants on the research progress.