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PERICLES event at the Gothenburg Book Fair, Sweden (24-27 Sept 2015)

PERICLES event at the Gothenburg Book Fair, Sweden (24-27 Sept 2015)

The Gothenburg Book Fair is said to be “the largest cultural event in Scandinavia”, receiving around 100,000 visitors every year. The four-day fair, held annually on the last weekend of September, is world leading in hosting a comprehensive conference program, including seminars, stage events and a large variety of activities at the over 800 exhibition stands. Aside from its focus on book and literature, the fair functions as a buzzing forum for discussions and the disseminations of ideas relating to arts, culture, education, politics, science and global development. Over the four days writers, scholars, Nobel Laureates, politicians, journalists, thinkers and opinion makers from around the world take part in readings, talks and debates.

Over the years, University of Borås has had recurring presence at the fair with a dedicated stand and this year we took the opportunity to promote PERICLES by displaying a poster and arranging a stand event with Nasrine Olson from the PERICLES team. Informatory flyers were also prepared and distributed.

The event took the form of a combined interview and poster presentation, introducing the audience, including researchers and students among others, to the PERICLES project and the broader topic of digital preservation and the challenges connected to preserving digital objects.

After the event several listeners stayed on to examine the poster, learn more and ask questions about PERICLES. The questions ranged from students looking for relevant degrees and education opportunities opening up for work with digital preservation, to researchers interested to know more about the project. In general we are happy to have had an interested audience and to have been able to disseminate information about PERICLES.

 Gothenburg Book Fair Gothenburg Book Fair Gothenburg Book Fair

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